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400ml Plastic Double Walled Travel Mug with screw on lid and coloured sip cover.

Available in two design options, or just as a plain mug.

Your e-mail and website or mobile and website can be added to the mug - please provide details. Double check spelling before submitting.

Hand Wash Only!

Not to be used in Microwave.

Refer to Caution under Additional Info Section.

Reflexology Travel Mug (400ml)

Mug Colour

Careful, the beverage you are about to enjoy may be very hot. For best results, always make sure the lid is secured properly and screwed on tightly before drinking.

Clean this product by hand using warm soapy water after every use. Do not immerse this item in water.

Do not wash in the dishwasher.


Do not put in the microwave.

Do not use bleach or chlorine based cleaning products on this mug.

Do not exceed the product capacity, hot drinks may scald the user.

Take care when removing lid to help release excess pressure that may occur with steaming hot beverages.

Grasp the mug firmly around the middle when securing or loosening the lid. Do not over tighten the lid.

Keep out of reach of children when filled with hot liquids.

Sealing lid is designed to delay most spills from accidental tipping.

This product is not intended to be spill proof or leak proof and is not guaranteed against major leakage.

Please note this mug is not designed for use with alcohol.

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