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Car Vent Diffuser Clip

3cm diameter

316L Stainless Steel


Included in package:


1 x Car Vent Diffuser Clip

3 x Felt Scent Pads (random colours - may be different from that which is depicted in the images)

Essential Oils NOT included


How to Use:


Select an essential oil or blend to use in your car diffuser clip. Choose uplifting oils and avoid sedative oils as you must stay alert whilst driving.


Open the diffuser clip.


Add 5-8 drops of essential oil to the scent pad and insert the pad into the diffuser clip. Close the lid.


Clip the diffuser onto a vent inside your car. The holes in the back and the front of the clip allows air to pass through the clip dispersing the essential oil aroma into your car.


Re-scent the pad when needed. Only do this when you are parked, NOT whilst driving!


Enjoy your oils as you drive!




Avoid sedative essential oils as you need to stay alert when driving.


Only re-scent the pad when you are parked and NOT whilst driving!


Always consult a qualified Aromatherapist or research your chosen essential oil to ensure it is not contraindicated for you or your passengers (human, feline & K9).


Keep out of reach of children and animals. External application only.

Essential Oil Car Vent Diffuser (Part 1)

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