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Refillable Liquid Soap/Hand Sanitizer/Lotion Bottles

500ml PET Bottle with Pump Action Closure (pump only in black available at the moment)

Bottle is supplied empty.

You will receive a mock design with your chosen elements for approval. 

! If alcohol based gel/liquid makes contact with the images on the bottle, it may discolour or loosen the design ! 

Delivery/Collection 2 - 8 working days after we received your mock approval - you will be notified when you're order has been shipped or is ready for collection.

500ml Lotion/Liquid Soap/Hand Sanitiser Bottles with Pump (Yoga)

Text Colour

As all of our items are made to order, refunds are only available if damage is incurred in transit. In the unlikely case this does happen, proof will be required, and we will re-print and post your order to you within 24 hours, free of charge.

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