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5 Simple Ways to Support Small Businesses Like Mine

Over the last week I’ve been asked by several clients “what is on your Christmas wish list this year?” To be honest, not that much.  

However, from my small business perspective there is a long list of things I would love; like more feet through my doors, more orders from my online shop, and more gift voucher sales.

That’s in an ideal world of course, and I appreciate times are a more financially challenging of late, heck, I've made some cutbacks too and even stretched my haircuts from 6 weeks to 8 weeks (sorry Molly!), but the reality is, we're all looking after the pennies and spending on priorities now. I know that even if you wanted to support my business in the ways I’ve listed above, it may not be possible right now, and I completely get it.  

So here is how you can be the Santa Clause my small business didn’t know it needed without spending a penny! 

I would love it if you could take a few minutes and gift me one, or all would be amazing, of the following to make my dreams come true this Festive Season; and while you’re at it, why not pop over to the other small businesses you love, adore and cherish, and do the same for them too – it is true; we do really do a happy dance and a fist pump in the air every time someone supports us, no matter which way! 

Thank you in advance for being my superhero and helping my small business succeed. 

Lots of love, Maria xx

PS: I've linked the images below so it is super easy to help me out!

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